Allotment Procedure

HDUDA makes allotment of sites as per Karnataka Urban Development Authority (Allotment of sites) Rule 1991 forms a new layout and intends allotment of sites to the general public, notification will be made public inviting applications in the prescribed format along with Initial Deposits. Applicants to be eligible to apply for a HDUDA site shall fulfill certain criteria.

Terms and Conditions to be followed while application.

  1. To be eligible for allotment of site, you should have domicile in Karnataka for not less than 5 years prior to the date of registration. Only persons who have attained the age of 18 years are eligible to apply.
  2. However for defense personal central Govt.employes, State Govt. employees this conditions  will not apply & irrespective of Sportsmen  & Famous Artists this conditions may be relieved.
  3. First register yourself by the payment of the registration fee and obtain the Registration Card or challan  If you have already registered, you need not register again.
  4. Obtain the prescribed blank application form on payment of the requisite fee by producing the Registration Card or Challan, at the notified bank(Application fee Rs. 100/-, In case of SC/BT/ST/EWS, application fee is Rs. 50/- only) HDUDA offices will not issue blank application forms.
  5. A crossed Demand Draft/Bankers Cheque/ Pay Order for the requisite initial deposit payable by you depending on the dimension of the site you are interested in should be made in favor of the Commission Hubli-Dharwad Urban Development Authority, Hubli.
  6. Completed application form along with the initial deposit should be handed over to the Branch of the Bank or Office  from where you have obtained the application form. The Bank will give an acknowledgement in the form of challan. Please retain this with you.
  7. Sites of dimension 6x9 mtrs (EWS) are reserved exclusively for the weaker sections. You are eligible to apply for a site under this category if your income does not exceed Rs. 12000/- per annum.
  8. The initial deposit does not carry any interest. It will be adjusted against the total value of successful applicants and will be refunded without interest to unsuccessful applicants. 
  9. In the event of any unforeseen impediment impinging on the availability of sites, the HDUDA reserves the right to reduce the number of sites for allotment.
  10. Persons desirous of applying for the bigger dimension site against this notification should register themselves again by payment of registration fee as prescribed and obtain Registration Card or challan  separately, but the previous attempts made for the lesser dimension site will not be considered.
  11. Persons, who have already registered for the bigger dimension, may apply for lower dimension site against this notification. They need not register again.
  12. The previous attempts made by a deceased applicant will be considered in favor of the surviving spouse, who is eligible to apply. In case, however, the spouse is also no more, any of the dependent children can apply. Death certificate of the deceased applicant and proof of relationship should be enclosed.

There are 9 categories under which eligible applicants can apply for different site dimensions with all relevant documents.

The site matrix for each category is as under

  • 1. Backward Tribe - 2%
  • 2. Scheduled Tribe – 3%
  • 3. Scheduled Caste – 15%
  • 4. Defense personnel/Ex-serviceman/Dependants of diseased defense personnel -5%
  • 5. State Government Employees – 10%
  • 6. Central Government, Public enterprises or employees of State or Central Government controlled statutory bodies – 5%
  • 7. Handicapped persons – 2%
  • 8. General Public – 50%
  • 9. People with exemplary records in the area of Art, Science and Sports – 8%
  • Applicants applying under different categories shall mention the relevant category (tick) on the application and the related document supporting this category claim shall be enclosed.

    After receipt of applications from the general public, applications will be scrutinized by the Authority to prepare a master list. The main criteria for selection are seniority with respect to the number of attempts made, age factor, category and annual income of the applicant. After preparing the Master list, eligibility list and Finally Allotment list, Intimation of Allotment will be sent to the eligible applicants after obtaining the concurrence of the Allotment Committee. Allotment intimations by the Administration Sections and refund of Initial Deposits to unsuccessful applicants by the finance section will happen about simultaneously.

    Why some applicants with sufficient attempts will be deprived of allotment?

    After announcement of the Allotment List, some of the applicants may raise objections for non-allotment of sites in their favor. Applicants may note that the following are some of the lapses, because of which their applications may not have been considered. Allotment letter will be accompanied by a NOC for them who need to take bank loans.

    • Non furnishing of previous application details with dates & proofs
    • Non furnishing of dimension of the site previously applied for Non furnishing of required certificates like Caste, Income, Service, Special achievement, Ex-Service, Physically Handicapped, domicile etc., required for the category claim under which they have applied
    • Non payment of requisite Initial Deposit
    • Non submission of prescribed application within stipulated period
    • Less number of attempts made in the particular category than the cut-off
    • If the applicant is a minor
    • Furnishing of false information
    • Higher income in case of EWS sites

    Contact Details:

    Hubli Dharwad Urban Development Authority,
    Navanagar Hubli.
    Tel: 0836-2224195
    Hubli Dharwad Urban Development Authority,
    Navanagar Hubli.
    Tel: 0836-2222505