Conditional Sale Deed


1. This Deed of sale is executed on day of Two Thousand Eight by the Commissioner, Hubli- Dharwad Urban Development Authority, Hubli hereinafter, called the VENDOR, the first party , which term shall include his successors, in favor of ____________ Age :________ Years: _______ Occupation: _______ . Hereinafter called the PURCHASER the SECOND PARTY which term shall include his successors etc., Subject to the following conditions.

2. Whereas the second party was allotted site No. in R.S. No. of which is fully described in the schedule below , under the Karnataka Urban Development Authority , 1991 and took possession of the site subject to the terms and conditions of the lease - cum sale agreement dated registered in the registration No. in CD No DWRD in to (Pages), On in the office of the Sub–Registrar, Dharwad.

3. Whereas the second party has applied for execution of conditional sale deed in his favor the first party, in consideration of second party having paid Rs ( Rupees ) to the first party as the full value except by lease amount of Rs. (Rupees only ) due towards the lease period from to of the schedule property, and by virtue of the Rule 14 of the Karnataka Urban Development

Authority Rules 1991 ( Restrictions, conditions and limitations as sale of sites ) as absolute and full owner hereby , conveys to the second party , who shall hold any enjoy, the schedule property subject to the conditions contained the lease-cum-sale agreement referred to above, the further subject to the following conditions.

i ) The purchaser shall construct a building on the site within such period as may be specified by the Authority as per plans, designs, and conditions to be approved by the Authority or in conformity with the provisions of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976 and the Bye - laws made there under.

ii ) The purchaser shall not without the approval of the Authority construct on the site any building other than a building for the construction of which the site was allotted, granted or sold.

iii ) The purchaser shall not alienate the site within a period of ten years from the date of the conveyance except by mortgage in favor of the Government of India or the Government of Karnataka the Or the Karnataka Housing Board or any Company or Co-Operative Society approved by the Authority or any Corporation set up owned or controlled by the State Government or the Central Government, to secure money advanced by such Government , Corporations, Company, Board, Society as the case may be for constructions of the building on the site.

iv) In the event of the second party committing breach of any of the conditions specified in the aforesaid lease cum-sale agreement or conditions of this deed specified above, first party may , at any time after giving the second party reasonable notice, resume 5the schedule property .

Site No. Formed by the Hubli – Dharwad Urban Development Authority in R.S. No. of in Extension.

Site bounded on :

East by :

West by :

North by :

South by :

And measuring East to West Mtrs . North to South

Mtrs. in all measuring Square meters.

In witness where of the first party has hither to affixed his signature and seal at Hubli this day of ------------

Witnesses :


2. Lessee/purchaser