Other works

City beautification works


7 works of 20 mtr. Highmast have been taken up in of following places.

  1. Near New bus stand, Dharwad.
  2. Near D.C. Office, Dharwad.
  3. In the premise of Ulavi Channabasaveshwar Temple, Dharwad.
  4. Near Line Bazar, Hanuman Temple, Dharwad.
  5. At Nrupatunga Betta, Unkal Hubli.
  6. Grave yard at Vidyanagar, Hubli.
  7. Grave yeard at Chanukyapuri, Hubli.

Proposed 20 mtr. Highmast

  1. Near Bus stop of Karnataka University, Dharwad.
  2. Infront of Main Administrative Building Karnataka University, Dharwad

Following 12mtr. Highmast works have been taken up

  1. K.C.D. College Campus, Dharwad.
  2. Tapowan, Dharwad.
  3. Hosayellapur Grave Yard, Dharwad – 2 Nos.
  4. Banashankari Temple, Hubli.
  5. Shirur Park, Main Road, Hubli.
  6. J. P. Nagar, Garden hubli.
  7. Kalaburgimath grave yard, Western side Hubli.
  8. Kalaburgimath grave yard, Eastern Side Hubli.
  9. Unkal Siddappajjan Temple, Hubli.
  10. Sainagar Last Bus stop, Hubli.
  11. Saptapur Circle Dharwad.
  12. Jayanagar Cross Dharwad.
  13. Srinagar Circle, Dharwad.
  14. Saptapur Last cross, Dharwad.
  15. Regal Circle, Dharwad.
  16. Eshwar Temple, Malapur, Dharwad.
  17. Bhusagalli, Raviwarpeth, Dharwad.
  18. Moorasavirmath, Hubli.
  19. Bhairidevarakoppa, Eshwar Nagar, Hubli.
  20. Bhairidevarkoppa, Eshwar Nagar, Hubli.
  21. Eradettinamath, Hubli.
  22. Hosur Tambad Plot, Hubli.

1) Improvements works around Sri. Basaveshwar Statue near Kalabhavan, Dharwad.

Karanataka Vikas Grameen Bank, Dharwad has contributed Rs. 3.00 Lakhs for improvement works. Construction of compound wall and providing stainless steel grill works will be taken up under this improvement works.

Improvements works to Hosayellapur, Grave yeard, Dharwad.

Construction of compound wall & drinking water facilities in the grave yard of Hosayellapur, Dharwad. Works will be taken up stage by stage after approval of tenders.

3) HDUDA has provided children’s park equipment at Unkal Lake Garden, Worth of Rs. 2.00 Lakhs.

Contribution from H.D.U.D.A.

  1. H.D.U.D.A. has contributed Rs. 35.00 lakahs for construction of Railway under Bridge Near Pilley school, Lokappan Hakkal, Hubli.
  2. H.D.U.D.A. has contributed Rs. 25.00 lakhs for Smt. Dr. Gangubai Hangal’s Hindustani Musical School.
  3. H.D.U.D.A. has contributed Rs. 14.18 lakhs for construction of concrete road infront of BSNL office near railway station.
  4. H.D.U.D.A. has contribution Rs. 15.00 lakhs for constructions of Pathway at KCD Dharwad.